Margate Fhtagn (cockles and mussels mix)

by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing



A summertime special download only track ...the audio part of the Stick Of Rock single release of Margate Fhtagn.
Leather Apron Cat number APRON006


Margate Fhtagn

wave goodbye to the factory, we're off on our holidays
taking the train down to the coast (MARGATE)
Nan moans continuously - spoils the entire journey
Pa says ' I wish she'd stayed at home!'
well, we stumble from the carriage and race down the hill
eager to see the shore
but we stopped dead in our tracks at the harbour wall
we couldn't believe what we saw


'No tentacly entity is getting the better of me' said Pa
'I don't care if it is an Elder God'
'Let's head down to the Pier, there's lots of things going on down there,
there's a funfair, a waxworks and a band!'
And later for lunch we layed out a rug and sat with our backs to the shore
we gorged ourselves on cockles and mussels and tried our best to ignore...


Nan moaned about her feet, then moaned about the heat,
you see, it's the hottest day since records began.
Why did we bring her here? Where seamonsters would be?
What other 'treats' has father planned?
Then father said 'Nan, I heard a local man say the water is now safe!'
And as she trots off for a swim I see a smirk begin
to creep across my old man's face...


Didn't we have a lovely time the day we met Cthulhu?
We played on the sand, we got rid of Nan
It couldn't have been better planned!
Next time I see that Deity I'll shake him by the tentacle
Call him my friend, thank him again
And buy the old bugger a pint


released August 5, 2012
Written and performed by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing
with additional old time pub joanna by Philip Hochstrateb!



all rights reserved